In the USA bubble baths carry a health warning. Did you know that? They warn of the possibility of skin irritation and urinary tract infections!

Our fondness for bubbles and lather can be our downfall. More bubbles does not mean more cleansing. When you get lots of bubbles it mostly means there is an addition to the basic detergent which is what actually does the washing or cleansing. Lots of bubbles most likely mean potentially irritating detergents like sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate and cocamidopropylbetaine have been used. The latter is also a penetration enhancer, allowing other chemicals to be more easily absorbed such as preservatives etc.

Now whilst you may think your skin is like a rhino and you don’t have problems children and young skin is entirely different.

Sensible parents either stick to soap or use a low or non-foaming bath, shower or hair product like are found in the Natures Children range. If your water is soft a good natural oil based soap will give a good lather but not so in hard water areas.

Soap is also alkaline whereas skin is acidic so even good old soap should not be overused. The best products for baby and younger skin are pH balanced and many will re-oil the skin at the same time. Oil is more expensive than water so good healthy product will always be more expensive than the mostly water cheap shampoos and gels on the supermarket shelf.

Strictly speaking I don’t think bubble baths cause urinary infection it is bacteria that does this job. Rather it is the irritation which results from the use of harsh detergents which start a problem combined with the alkalinity or higher pH of the detergent soaked water which breaks down our natural defences. This is more important for younger skin which is not so capable of resisting aggression.

More and more parents report that their children have skin traumas and issues from simple dermatitis to eczema. It could well be that such issues come from what loving parents use for shampoo and bathing. What goes on the hair ends up on the skin.

Best keep to simple products that soothe and re-oil and support the natural skin acid mantle.

The Aromacosmetologist

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