Children need more sleep time than adults.

When I was at kindergarden every afternoon included the compulsory nap. Its acknowledged today that all pre-school children get very tired during the day and need to have opportunities to rest and sleep within the nursery day.

Regular naps are a very good thing. A midday or afternoon nap can help pre-school children remember what they learned in the morning from experience or life in the morning.

Research in the USA suggests that carers and nurseries that phase out after-lunch sleeps may be harming children's ability to learn, by disrupting the way their brains store memories.

So whether carers, parents or teachers a regular routine of sleep and napping contributes to a happier, contented but alert toddler.

Babies aged six months to a year need 14 hours of sleep over a 24-hour period. We all know the best routine wake, feed, play nap.

But sometimes things just don’t seem to work out as planned and soon crankiness, irritation, tears tantrums can set in basically because the child is sleep deprived rather than tired. This condition can go on for some time and builds up both for the child or baby but also for the parents too.

Soothing is part of every parents experience but who soothes the parents who dread the next round?

Everyone knows the significance of the comfort blanket which can turn out to be any number of objects. Thinking is that whatever the object this is not related to touch but smell. Smell is very important from birth and is underestimated as a calming or soothing tool.

Aromatherapy has taught us that a drop of Lavender on the pillow or bath water works wonders especially if used regularly. It becomes a subtle signal to turn off for the day. Even better,  apply a drop or two of  Sophia massage oil from Natures children. This will assure a soothed skin and a restful night’s sleep which will come with Sophia Massage and Body Oil. This harmonising body and massage oil encourages a healthy immune system as well as a good sleep.

Applying after a bath is a great time at night but just gently dropping a little into your hand and gently caressed to the back of your toddler’s or baby’s neck at any time will solve a difficult problem. And as a bonus it will help mum and dad too!

The Aromacosmetologist

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