Most people wash their hair far too often for its own good! This is especially true of baby and children’s hair. The advice is to wash hair every other day at the most two to four days would be best.

For baby too much washing can dry the scalp and cause cradle cap. Cradle cap is quite a common condition in young babies where a scaly rash and general redness develops on the scalp. Whilst it does no harm it’s unsightly and the best way is to gently rub some good almond oil into the baby’s scalp and mildly brush through. The problem is one of dryness. Any redness this is just the new skin underneath the cradle cap. This oil treatment should completely clear it, but you will find that you need to repeat this process every couple of weeks.”

Natures Children’s approach to baby and children’s hair cleansing is very different to those from common supermarket everyday shampoos and also different to the more common baby shampoos. Most ordinary adult shampoos work with quite harsh detergents with a high pH or alkaline content. These are very drying and can be irritating leading to flaking (not dandruff which is a more severe flaking) and lack lustre hair. These are simply not good for hair. Hence the need for conditioners.  Ordinary baby shampoos have a lower pH to stop stinging but don’t induce good condition leading to tangling.

Natures Children Anthony Shampoo uses the principle of both low pH and a natural conditioning re-oiling system allowing the hair and scalp to be literally squeaky clean yet nurtured. Gentle minimal lather cleanses and refreshes where it matters at the roots with additional honey and chamomile essential oil.

The ideal solution for all young children and babies to set them out on a lifetime of good looking hair. And yes if adults have problem hair try this out too!

Remember the best tip is to wash hair only as needed despite all the adverts!

The Aromacosmetologist


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